Women's Self Defence

Women's Self Defence from Wing Chun For Life

By: Wing Chun For Life  01-Dec-2010
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Sometimes women are unable to attend general training due to other comitments or perhaps just prefer a female training environment. Women's training sessions provide women the chance to train on their own terms.

Training format is identical to general training. whilst accomodating needs unique to women.

~It is believed Wing Chun was designed by a woman

Wing Chun For Life's training programme explores wing chun's concepts and principles through: Form PracticeRecalibrate and connect body/mind mind energy to function and flow more efficiently.

Force generation exercises
Encourage thorough understanding of how wing chun utilises body mechanics and mind body unity to generate and overcome force. These exercises concentrate on the unity of the mind and body and the use of relaxation to generate power.

Fighting application drills
Demonstrate and test how wing chun theory and principles operate for the purpose of self defence.

Coordination Coaching
Refine ability in adapting to any situation with fluency, balance and control.

Power training and development
Improve fitness, personal power, speed, and transference of body mass into striking.

Concentrate on intrinsic aspects of Wing Chun and how they connect to support the whole system. Gives students opportunity to test skill and gain insight into their own training .

Peaceful training ~ Powerful results

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Wing Chun Kung Fu

Wing Chun Kung Fu is the science of generating and overcoming force and the art of applying it in self defence.

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Dragon Tamers

Providing children a safe environment to let out their energy and in the process develop an effective self defence that may one day save their lives. Also children develop coordination, fitness, focus and concnetration. The training environment is safe and a friendly with a family atmosphere. Parents are welcome to train with their children.

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Wing Chun Kung Fu

Wing Chun kung fu provides an effective means of defending yourself with out the need for brute strength. provides many holistic benefits to both the mental and phydsical wellbeing. Wing Chun For Life provides a friendly learning environment based around sharing of knowledge.