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By: Wing Chun For Life  01-Dec-2010
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Wing Chun is a simple, logical way of defending against assault by stronger attackers using skill rather than brute strength, simplicity rather than acrobatic movements and principles of movement rather than wrote learned reactions.

It is not necessary to be super fit, flexible or physically strong to have skill in Wing Chun; self defence should not rely on these things. Wing Chun is suited to every body and age.

Self defence basics can be learned in a relatively short time with comitment to regular training.


Wing Chun enhances quality of life and life skills with holistic gains complementary to self defence. Training benefits physical and mental health with:

- Relaxation - Sress release - Posture -  Mind/body unity -
Correct biomechanical movement - Focus - Reflexes -  Spacial awareness - Coordination - Exercise - Fun -
Stress relief -  Self esteem - Motivation -  Discipline - Achievement - Concentration -  Tension taming - Social awareness - Confidence - Self awareness -  Centering -

Wing Chun practice is fully supported by its concepts and principles.

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Wing Chun Kung Fu

Wing Chun Kung Fu is the science of generating and overcoming force and the art of applying it in self defence.

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Women's Self Defence

Wing Chun empowers women to take contol of their lives. Classes are friendly and non competitive offering a sharing environment to learning.

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Dragon Tamers

Providing children a safe environment to let out their energy and in the process develop an effective self defence that may one day save their lives. Also children develop coordination, fitness, focus and concnetration. The training environment is safe and a friendly with a family atmosphere. Parents are welcome to train with their children.