Accredited Heat Pump Installations

Accredited Heat Pump Installations from M.J.Walker Plumbing

By: M.J.Walker Plumbing  23-Aug-2011
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HEAT PUMPS are thr next generation in energy efficient hot water systems.
M.J.Walker Plumbing and Gas are Queensland Plumbing Industry Council accredited and can help you out with any aspect of purchasing, installing and receiving rebates on Heat Pumps.
What is a HEAT PUMP?
good question.
If you’ve already made the decision to switch to solar energy then there is just one more decisions to be made – HEAT PUMP or conventional Flat Plate solar system?  Listed below are just some of the differences between a HEAT PUMP and a conventional Flat Plate Solar system, which shows many attractive advantages.
Solar Requirements:
 HEAT PUMP does not rely on direct sunlight for its operation. Due to its advanced design the unit will produce hot water in all weather conditions, even at night; it simply absorbs heat energy from the environment.
The HEAT PUMP can be located in any external location around the building. It definitely does not need to "face north" in order collect solar energy like conventional Flat Plate Solar units.
As the HEAT PUMP does not use any panels it cannot be damaged by heavy hail, as the glass panels of a conventional Flat Plate solar hot water system often can be. The HEAT PUMP hot water storage tank is installed at ground level, thereby providing ease of maintenance and not imposing any additional weight on the roof. With a HEAT PUMP there is no need for those unsightly frames, which tilt the collectors to the required vertical angles as conventional Solar Flat Plate solar require. Durability:
 In cold climates some Flat Plate Solar collectors suffer severe damage from frost. Because the HEAT PUMP  has no panels there is absolutely no risk of damage from freezing. The evaporator coil on the HEAT PUMP is specially coated to protect it from corrosion, which helps to keep your HEAT PUMP running at peak efficiency over its long operational life.
 The HEAT PUMP has no gas or electric "booster element" in the tank as required in conventional Flat Plate Solar units. The low cost of running the compressor in a HEAT PUMP means that the heat pump can actually be more economical to run than a conventional Flat Plate Solar water heater. As the HEAT PUMP does not require roof panels to be installed, the installation process is far less costly and time consuming.
legally only an accredited plumber can install a HEAT PUMP.
Always ask to see any installers licence!

Give us a call on 0409 151 730 for a competitive on the latest technology Heat Pumps.

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