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By: African Mango Plus Australia | Official Supplier  25-Aug-2012
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Harvested direct from the rainforests of Cameroon, West Africa, the African Mango is the latest trendy supplement that adds to the weight loss environment. While this ingredient has just been introduced recently, more than twenty years research has placed the African Mango in a better position in the market than its rivals, the acai berry and maqui berry. The African Mango supplement claims that it can help obese people lose unwanted body fats, shed pounds, lower bad cholesterol, and lower blood sugar levels. What Is African Mango? African Mango is a small fruit, yellowish and edible, resembling a tropical mango. It is naturally grown in Western Africa. The scientific name is Irvingia Gabonensis and it also has its other common names as wild mango, bush mango and pure mango of Africa. African Mango is also popular for its seed, called dika nut or ogbono seed. This dika nut is made into a thick paste and consumed as the traditional meal by the African inhabitants. It was only recently that scientists have found out that dika nut extracts can provide positive results for weight loss and healthy cholesterol level. How African Mango Works African Mango has a mixture of ingredients that can provide the best approach to your weight loss concerns. And this has been clinically proven through years of careful study and extensive research. Besides suppressing the appetite to control your food intake, the African Mango speeds up your body metabolism, helps burn fat and controls the obesity hormone leptin. Leptin is not effective to obese people, but with African Mango, its duty as appetite suppressant can be performed efficiently. Not only that. African mango is said to aid in your body’s production of adiponectin, a hormone that increases the cell’s sensitivity to insulin so that your body’s glucose and fat metabolism potential is subsequently improved. Your body, therefore, can convert the fat into burned energy, resulting in weight loss. African Mango Benefits The African Mango has the following guaranteed benefits: weight loss when combined with good diet and regular exercise reduce body fat through increased metabolism lower cholesterol level for heart health leptin control, suppressed appetite Conclusion African Mango can pass as an alternative method to your weight loss efforts. If used as directed, it can help you control the obesity hormones called leptin plus a manageable cholesterol level for better health. African Mango is certified free of stimulant so there will be no harmful side effects to be concerned about.

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