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By: Breaking Point Fitness   02-Jan-2011
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Kickboxing is without doubt one of the most beneficial forms of training you could ever undertake. Catering to all levels of fitness, our kickboxing sessions cover:

  • Cardio Fitness and Muscular Endurance
  • Muscle Strength and Stamina
  • Co-ordination and Power
  • Mental Focus

Kickboxing is heaps of fun and the variety is endless, so you will always be pushed with new challenges!

Our non-stop, massive action packed workouts are held at the following times:

  • Wednesday Night - CARDIO AND POWER - A 90 minute class including various drills ranging from high intensity cardio, combination work and power punching and kicking. This class utilises boxing glove and focus pad work with a partner. With only one rest break in the entire session to catch your breath, you had better be prepared to sweat up a storm.

  • Friday Evening - THUMP BLAST CLASS - A 60 min high intensity, non-stop, action packed kickboxing class designed to let you punch and kick out the weeks frustrations, while at the same time get you primed and ready for the weekend ahead. If you´ve come looking for rest breaks and a light workout, then this is not the class for you!

  • Saturday morning - ADVANCED KICKBOXING (MUAY THAI) - This session is for those that have developed their skills, fitness and confidence through time in our Wednesday and Friday night sessions, and would now like to take it to the next level. This 90 min class utilises Boxing Gloves, Focus Pads, Kick Shields and Thai Pads. There is a strong emphasis on more technical punch and kick combinations, as well as developing maximum power for knees, elbows, kicks and punches.

Our Kickboxing for Fitness sessions are suitable for men and women of most ages (15+) - no matter what your level of fitness currently is. No previous boxing or kickboxing experience is required, as you will learn everything while you train.

Full access to all of our Kickboxing For Fitness sessions is included in the 6, 13, 26 and 52 week Ultimate Training Package deals. Alternatively, you can choose to attend just our kickboxing sessions, by registering at any time for our 13 week kickboxing courses.

Kickboxing for fitness operates every week of the year, meaning you don´t have to wait another day to kickstart your health and fitness.

NOTE: Performance Training Centre Clontarf - Advanced Kickboxing for Fitness
Due to the complexity of the combinations, the advanced equipment used and the heat and intensity of this session, we highly recommend you attend at least 5 of the Wednesday night or Friday evening North Lakes kickboxing for fitness sessions before attending this Saturday session. This way you will have developed the skills and increased fitness needed before taking on the advanced class.

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