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Hell's Playground from Breaking Point Fitness

By: Breaking Point Fitness   02-Jan-2011
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Can you make it through Hell and back?

The highly anticipated Hell's Playground circuits have finally arrived, offering you a circuit session unlike anything you have ever experienced before!

If you're someone who's up for the challenge of taking on AUSTRALIA'S HARDEST OUTDOOR SESSION then Hell's Playground is for you!

Hell's Playground is one of the toughest one hour workouts in Australia, and is not for the timid or faint of heart. It will push you physically and mentally into pain barriers that you may have never experienced before.

Hell's Playground is perfect for elite armed forces personel such as SAS, Marines, Navy, Army and Air Force. Those wishing to train and stand out for positions as Police officers, Fire Fighters, Security and Ambulance would also greatly benefit from the physical and mental toughness developed in the Hell's Playground sessions. Overall, this workout is ideal for the advanced athlete that is tired of everyday workout routines, and needs to step up to the next level.

When you step into Hell's Playground there is no turning back.

The following rules apply to Hell's Playground sessions and are strictly adhered to:

  1. You will attempt everything and not shy away from any challenge. These sessions are designed like no other, they will put you out of your comfort zone right from the start.

  2. As Trainers we are here to help you push through the pain barrier and beyond what you thought was your physical and mental limit. We will be hard but fair and will encourage you to succeed. Having tried and tested all the sessions and challenges we know how much you are going through.

  3. You will respect the Trainers at all times. No swearing or abusive backchat will be tolerated; this will result in instant dismissal from the session regardless of warnings, plus a 2 week suspension from any Hells sessions.

  4. The Trainers will give you 3 warnings and on your 3rd warning your session will be over. If you wish to discuss where you received your warnings you can talk to both Trainers at the end of the session.

  5. You will receive warnings for incorrect technique, stopping, resting outside of rest breaks, dropping or mistreating equipment, failing to listen to instructions and going out of order between stations.
  6. Listen to all instructions carefully as it is for your safety and the safety of others around you.

  7. Trainers will go through the session before the session starts. This is the time to ask questions. If you are unsure of anything please speak up during this briefing as any one going out of sequence or not using the exercise for that particular station will result in a warning. Be there no later than 3:45pm for these instructions.

  8. If you have any injuries or conditions that may prevent you from doing certain exercises please let the Trainers know prior to the start of the session so that everyone knows that you are doing a modified version of that exercise.

  9. There is a maximum 90 seconds recovery from illness. If you push yourself to the point of spewing (which is highly likely) you will have 90 seconds to compose yourself and get back into the circuit. If you cannot make it back in time, your session is over!

  10. Never attempt this program on your own. A trained Breaking Point Fitness Hell's Playground professional must be with you at all times.

* No refunds will be given if a session is forfeited for failing to comply with the Session Rules.

Am I capable of making it through a Hell's Playground session?

No one can really answer that until you have tried. If you are someone that is highly motivated, has strong mental toughness and a good fitness level then that's certainly a good start!

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