AS3598 Energy Audits

By: Cypher - Effective Energy Management  01-Dec-2010
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When considering the implementation of energy saving initiatives, Energy Audits are a cost-effective method for determining the best course of action for your site or organisation.

An Energy Audit provides a site-wide analysis of energy consumption for your site; and uses this analysis to generate recommendations for site specific Energy Management Solutions.

The applicable Australian Standard for undertaking Energy Audits is AS3598:2000, which outlines three levels of auditing. Given the low level of accuracy required in the Australian Standard for Level 1 Audits, we only offer Level 2 and 3 Audits as these provide more value in determining appropriate energy management initiatives.

Level 2 Audits

A Level 2 Audit provides an analysis of energy consumption for your entire site including a breakdown of the proportion of consumption attributable to specific items of plant or processes. Consumption data is taken from both energy bills and via scientific onsite measurements that reveal the source of energy management issues at your site. A wealth of engineering experience is then applied to ascertain the most effective energy saving initiatives for your site. A statement of costs and savings relating to each recommended initiative is supplied with an order of accuracy within +/-20% as per AS3598:2000. Our Level 2 Audits typically identify potential annual energy savings between 10-30%, which represent significant energy and greenhouse gas reductions.

Level 3 Audits

A Level 3 Audit provides a detailed investment grade analysis for either an entire site or a specific piece of plant and equipment or process. Economic analysis of costs and savings for energy saving initiatives is supplied with an accuracy of +/-10%. This level of energy audit is most suitable following a lower level of audit, footprint or site assessment that has recommended the pursuit of a particular energy saving initiative.

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