Brands with Personality stand out from the pack...!

Brands with Personality stand out from the pack...! from WHITE TIGER CREATIVE

Keywords: Graphic Design, Design, Logo

White Tiger Creative was commissioned to refresh brand identity for Santorini Sun. After it's recent launch into the market, Santorini Sun products were already gaining huge following amongst the Tanning Divas and Beauty editors alike. With the old packaging "lacking lustre" Owner Paula Theodore was keen to create a stronger brand image that reflected the Santorini personality - and as the market is flooded with Tanning products it was important that the new image had personality to stand up and be noticed...! Of the 3 logo concepts presented the final choice was to run with the cheekiest design - fondly known as the BUM logo. Extension of the identity is still in play, following the roll out of the new packaging and Santorini Sun website - all designed by White Tiger Creative.

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