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By: Protandim4life  07-May-2012
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Protandim is a medicine supplement came from America after 30-40 years of medical sience and investigation - this product works. I have supplied my 82 year old mother in South Africa with 2 bottles she nearly gave up on life and after 8 days on Protandim she told me that a long suffering pain in her leg dissapeared and the next thing that happened is her skin starts to change it became softer wrinkles start to dissapear after 14 - 20 days of useing the product. She had dead black blood in her toes before she was on the product and now that is also disappearing - my mother is on high blood presure and cholesterol medication and her doctor told her that this product will not help her - well there is another proof that this product is working.My wife and I are also on this product and we can just confirm that everything in our bodies have change we have more energy wrinkles is going clear mind everything around us is more noticeable and we sleep better. Friends of us have put their sick dog on protandim the dog s back legs were full of arthritis and within 12 days the dog was running and playing around and its hair was beautiful thick white, photos is available on facebook.

This product will stop seriuos deceases in your body, and it regenerates your DNA cells.

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