FitChoice - Weight Management

By: FitChoice  29-Jan-2015
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FitChoice Challenge is made up of three (3) phases. Phase one (1) - Nutrition and Detox We believe that one of the keys to sustained weight loss and good health is regular detoxification. Detoxification is designed to overcome the tendency of toxins to accumulate in the body. Everybody is exposed to a certain degree of toxins and chemicals: they are ubiquitous throughout the environments. Phase 1 helps eliminate these from your body, think of it as a balancing phase, realigning your metabolism, eliminating any obesogens and preparing your body for weight loss. Phase two (2) - Weight Loss Phase 2 of the FitChoice program focuses on actual fat loss. Suitable for overweight individuals, the program can also deliver distinct benefits for people suffering from carbohydrate cravings, blood sugar imbalance and metabolic problems. This phase of the program encourages the body to use stored fat for its fuel source while preserving muscle mass. Phase 2 is made up of two parts: •Kick Start – begin the first few days of Phase 2 on Kick Start - get off the blood sugar roller coaster and carbohydrate cravings ride! Get your appetite under control and start burning fat! •Fat Loss – The remaining days of Phase 2, the Fat Loss stage, is when your body will start to change as a result of burning fat, controlling your food cravings and stabilising blood sugar levels. The diet plan and product regime is easy to follow and you will experience greater mental clarity and enjoy an increase in energy Phase three (3) - Maintenance and Success Congratulations! At this stage you have either reached your goal weight or are very close and are taking a well-earned respite as you prepare to revisit Phase 2 to continue your journey towards achieving your goal weight. Phase 3 of the FitChoice program is called Maintenance for the very simple reason that it is designed to help keep you at your current weight. By now, you’ve been provided with all the weight loss tools and knowledge which will enable you to understand what foods and products are essential for health and body composition so even if you do put on a little bit of weight while on holiday or over the festive season you will have the knowledge of how to go back to Phase 2 and shift that weight again.

Keywords: Goal, Life Coaching, Lose Weight, Personal Development, Personal Fitness, Weight Management