Gift idea for person who has everything

Gift idea for person who has everything from Shop 4 Collectables

By: Shop 4 Collectables  25-Oct-2012
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Do you have friends or relatives who are just simply impossible to buy gifts for? Then fret no longer, as I have a solution for you! WELCOME TO THE AMAZING WORLD OF MOVIE,TV AND RETRO COLLECTABLES AND MERCHANDISE! While our store is predominately about collectables, I'm trying to put all bias aside, as much as possible anyway. Have you given thought as to whether the person you need to buy a gift for, is a fan of movies or even a TV show?! Most people have a favourite movie or TV show right? Or at least least they have a favourite movie or TV show character, whether it be a character from their childhood (Disney's Pluto or E.T.), or something they are currently watching on TV (Game Of Thrones or Big Bang Theory)? DID YOU KNOW?...that for pretty much any popular movie or TV show, there is an abundance of varying collectables and general merchandise available to suit any gift buying budget? Whether it be a key ring ($6 - $12), Action Figure ($14.99 - $34.99) or even at the higher end, a limited edition statue or prop replica. What got me thinking about this is my dilemma of what to get my Mother for Christmas this year. She is not easy to buy for. She doesn't like music, she doesn't read, she no longer has any hobbies, she doesn't like cooking and she outright refuses any domestic gifts for the house (very understandable). My mother loves ornaments and being a frog collector, she has tonnes of those too! Everywhere you look there's a creepy inanimate frog staring at you, LOL. Yes, you could say, just buy her a gift card, chocolates, flowers plants, another frog for her collection etc, but it comes to a point where it all becomes a bit boring, done before, thoughtless and predictable. I have decided, this year, although my mother doesn't know it yet, she is going to become a collector of Salt and Pepper Shakers, and I will be kick-starting her off with her very first S and P shaker set! How convenient! The best way to buy Movie/TV/Retro collectables and gifts is to buy them online from a retailer who specialises in rare and hard-to-get collectable items and merchandise, imported from all around the world. This way, not only are you buying something that may be familiar and available in local shops, you could also end up buying something extra special they weren't even aware existed. Believe me, there's nothing more gratifying than when I buy a gift for someone and they are amazed and want to know where I got it from. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and after all, isn't that what giving gifts is all about?! With Christmas being only approx 60 days away now as I write this, it's time for everyone to get organised and put their thinking caps on! Be smart! Don't leave your Christmas shopping to the last minute! Last minute Xmas Shopping = STRESS!!! It is wise to avoid STRESS at all costs!

Keywords: Collectables

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