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By: Awakened Lotus  19-Jul-2016
Keywords: Massage, Personal Development, Life Coaching

"MY FIRST LOMI LOMI EXPERIENCE Yesterday I was so very blessed to have my first Lomi Lomi with the beautiful Sara Christiansen. This would have to be one of the most enchanting massages I have ever had. I encourage all of my lovely friends to come and experience this deeply supportive massage for yourselves especially if you are in need of some emotional or physical support. Sara will quieten the noisy mind, she will nurture the painful body and will remind you what it means to let go, honour, love and care for yourself. From the moment you meet Sara you are captivated by her soft and gentle way leaving no doubt that you will be cared for and deeply honoured in her presence. She is loving and caring and supportive but also stands strong in her craft. I was surprised how quickly I fell under the Lomi Lomi spell, my mind and body surrendering with the first long, smooth glide along the length of my body. Many times throughout the massage I melted into a space between reality and dreaming. I had completely left all thoughts behind as I focused on the journey led by Sara through her caring, gentle, graceful touch. There is no need for verbal exchanges with Sara for she is incredibly attuned with the person in her care. She unites her massage with feminine intuition guiding her with precision to the parts of my body that have been holding emotional and physical stress. With the guidance of her breath, touch and angelic sounds Sara encourages you to release tension, pain and suffering allowing a safe space for healing to begin. This is not just a Lomi Lomi experience. Sara utilises her skills in energetic healing, psycho-somatic body readings, and crystal and aroma therapies. Again, I was impressed by her intuition, knowing exactly what my body needed to enhance healing. After 90 minutes of bliss as I was about the leave the room I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I saw a true reflection of my inner self; my skin was radiant, eyes sparkling and I emanated pure peace, harmony and contentedness. Beautiful, angelic Sara, Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." - Tanya :)

Keywords: Alternative Medicine, Anxiety, Bodywork, Complementary Therapy, Depression, Life Coaching, Massage, Natural Therapy, Pain Relief, Personal Development, Relaxation, Relaxation Massage, Spiritual Healing, Stress Relief

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Client Testimonial

"MY FIRST LOMI LOMI EXPERIENCE Yesterday I was so very blessed to have my first Lomi Lomi with the beautiful