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Will's are a must to ensure that our wishes with respect to our assets are adhered to specifically meaning those love ones receive what you want them to receive from our estates once we die. Although ……..they are a most essential tool …. our hard earned assets we have acquired during the life are rightfully distributed to those we choose rather than allowing the governments public Trustee to disburse in the absence of a Will or creating friction between our loved ones having to decide how to distribute the proceeds of our estate if no Will is in existence. Although most people do understand the above concept, they are often not aware that a document just as important is attached to the Will. This is known as an ADVANCED HEALTH DIRECTIVE. The AHD is a document that is provided to trusted family members, your doctor and your health care provide, which instructs them exactly in the event you become totally incapacitated or brain dead how you wish to be treated. An example of this would include instructions on a) whether or not you wish to be a donor b) whether or not you wish to have a continuation of life support c) do you want to be provided with drugs to keep you pain free etc. An AHD removes all of the pressure that our loved ones experience when we due to illness or accidents become incapable of making decisions for ourselves, especially if one of those decisions is involved in us remaining on or being taken off life support. We would strongly urge everyone to have a Will and an Advanced Health Directive attached to it.

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