Passion for Helping Businesses Grow Pays Off

Passion for Helping Businesses Grow Pays Off from Eddie's Marketing Systems

By: Eddie's Marketing Systems  16-Nov-2013
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Spawned from the success of Eddie’s Copywriting and Marketing Centre, Eddie's Marketing Club, Eddie's Website, Copy and Mailing Centre and other 'Eddie" services, Eddie's Marketing systems are saving business owners time, energy, money and frustration. “Eddie’s Marketing Systems was born to help my customers build better businesses, incomes and lives because many would fail on execution… others would fail to implement… others would fail to track and measure their marketing and others would not be able to market consistently due to the fact that they have enough to do and are technicians rather than marketers. “Of course then we have another tribe of customers who had little or no marketing experience, have been burnt before or just want better strategies and systems to blow their competition out of the water. “But without implementing, tracking and measuring and using a marketing system in your business, most businesses are kidding themselves. Some are sure to die and others will survive but that’s all they’ll ever do. “I knew I was missing out on sales because I didn’t have a follow up marketing system in place once I sent my quotes out. At first I wasn’t that keen on parting with $441 for the system but with a 90-day money back guarantee there was no real downside. Thanks so much Eddie, your follow up mini marketing system started converting more quotes into sales almost instantly and I got the purchase fee back for the system on my first job.” Zac Robins, Plumber, Melbourne. “The great people in business irrespective of size and budget know that to dominate their market, have consistent cash flow and make it work long term they need systems in place and that’s part of the purpose of why Eddie’s Marketing Systems exists. “And I’m the first to admit our marketing systems are nothing flash either which is why they’re affordable and practical. A lot of our clients don’t have $2,500 or more to buy marketing systems. Our systems just give them the basic how to system foot so they can get started, evolve and make more money, which in turn will hopefully get them excited about making the move from technician to marketer. “One thing I will tell you though is clients get a real kick out of seeing and knowing how many new leads, repeat sales or income they can expect once they have a few runs on the board of using our marketing systems. “And my goal for our clients is simple. I want to help the people in business that want to be helped get the next level. That could be more income, a better lifestyle, less hours at work, a business that works without them or re-ignite their passion on why they went into business in the first place but it’s that old cliché. “If you keep doing the same old things you’re going to keep getting the same results” and in this day and age if you want to build a business you have to keep evolving.”

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