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By: Amitabha Buddhist Retreat Centre  04-Nov-2012
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Introduction to Amitabha Buddhist Retreat Centre Newsletter. The Amitabha Buddhist Retreat Centre newsletter is compiled by a nucleus of caring individuals to share good and wholesome materials with our readers in the hope that their essence may invoke introspection and reflection and a deeper understanding of the truth of cause and effect. We simply reap what we sow, and therefore, to change our destiny, we need to cultivate morality, equanimity, compassion and wisdom. Our aim is to build the bridge of understanding and awakening and to bring the basic teachings of Buddhism of the Far East to share with the people of Australia. While there are many pathways and belief systems, values and attitudes, we are not different from each other and that in essence we are all interconnected with one another. To hurt others is truly to hurt ourselves and to love one another is to love one-self. Just as various musical sounds contain the tones of the basic scale to form the chords and the multi-colours of the glorious spectrum of the Rainbow are form through the prism of the pure white light, so too are interfaith forums of sharing to build the bridge of mutual understanding, cooperation, tolerance and light. And we can all enjoy the light, the joy and optimism through learning and caring as we work towards understanding Life and the Universe, as we all continue to help promote peace and harmony to those we touch. If anyone would like to subscribe to our free quarterly newsletter, please do not hesitate to contact ABRC on 04-4171 0421 or email to [email protected] or [email protected] Amituofo.

Keywords: Buddhist Newslettters

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