Fathers United

By: Fathers United  05-Jan-2012
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 Fathers speak up for YOUR rights and YOUR CHILDS rights. No one has the right to keep a child from its father or family. Parental child abduction is a CRIME. Speak Up Now. Fight for your child. I know times are tough and sometimes all hope is lost but  believe me YOU CAN DO THIS... keep on believing... keep on fighting for your child... keep on with the knowledge that you are not the only father going through this. Help is there... all you need to do is ask. There are a lot of support groups for  fathers out there you just need to take the first step.

Every father has a voice and rights. You are also the voice of your child. When the world says... “Give up”,   Hope whispers...  “Try it one more time". You are also fighting for the rights of your child. Always keep your child the primary focus. Fathers United... You are never alone.  Always think positive thoughts... Always be positive.  Surround yourself with family and friends for support.  Faith, Love and Hope.Love, Hope and Faith gives us all the strength to be true and it empowers us to continue on our journey.Please Note… The information contained on this web site is by no means a substitute for mental health issues or a substitute for psychiatric consultation. You should make an appointment with your local Doctor or GP and discuss issues relating to your situation. Your local Doctor or GP will be able to help you with depression and will be able give you the best advice. Please listen to what your Doctor says and act of their advice. If they say to go to a councilor or psychiatrist to talk about your situation of depression then please do it. You need to openly talk to as many people as you can about what is happening. Do not hold it in… These people are there to help you.

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