Sealers facilitate stone failures

By: Hensel Geosciences  06-Jun-2012
Keywords: Stone Supply, Stone Advice, Stone Testing

It has been about 5-8 years since sealers became fashionable and every stone HAD to be sealed to protect that valuable investment. Just pick up any interior design magazine. Sealing could be done by anyone handy with some type of brush or tool. Sealing was done without any knowledge of the stone and in most cases with total disregard of the application. Unrealistic warranties were provided by sealer salesmen who also do not know anything about stone. Over the last few years progressively more stone failures have occurred that can be at least partly attributable to the application of sealers. Don't expect the sealer companies to admit liability and come to your assistance. Once the stone surface has started to pit, bubble and spall the only solution is an expensive refurbishment - costing much more than the original sealer that was applied unnecessarily. Get advice from someone who knows about sealers AND stone - not salesmen (who just want to sell you a product), fabricators (who see it as a way to make extra money but who can't spend the time testing the products), and totally naive contributors to magazines (who don't bother to any research and just write for the sake of selling magazines). DrHans

Keywords: Stone Advice, Stone Testing, Stone Supply,