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By: Goji Skin Essentials  02-Mar-2011
Keywords: Natural Skin Care, Organic Skin Care, Antioxidant


Hi and welcome to the Jan- Mar Goji blog installment for 2011. We will follow on from our research theme in our last blog.

Goji Skin Essentials contacted the University of Sydney's Dr Vivienne Reeve in regard to preliminary experiments with goji seed oil and laboratory mice. Dr Reeve and her team conducted a number of interesting experiments involving goji products and their effects on experimental mice. The experiments relating to Goji Skin Essentials were set up involving external and internal application of goji seed oil and comparing its ability to reduce sunburn inflammation with other comparable oils.

The results were very conclusive that the goji seed oil significantly reduced the inflammation caused by UV exposure on the mice, and interestingly, both external application of oil and injestion of oil also gave positive results compared with all other oils.

We are very excited about these early results and we are interested at looking further into these properties found in the goji seed oil and the possibility of incorporating the findings into new products to add to the Goji Skin Essentials range.

Till next time...

The Goji Skin Essentials Team

Keywords: Antioxidant, Goji, Natural Skin Care, Organic Skin Care

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