Here’s proof our process actually works:

Here’s proof our process actually works: from AMC OZONE TREATMENT

Keywords: Air Purification, Mould Treatment

Q. Is it the same room? A. Yes it is - bathroom ceiling, Southport (Gold Coast). Lack of ventilation caused this problem, but our bathroom mould removal service eliminated it. Ozone kills mould on contact, even the loose spores you cannot see and in places you cannot see in the home. If untreated, it can gradually destroy the surfaces they are growing on, rendering them unusable. If mould removal is not carried out correctly it is likely to cross contaminate. Ozone is the strongest commercial sterilant in the world. It is 3,000 times stronger the chlorine. If you have never had an ozone treatment in your home before, book one now. You will be amazed just how your home, furniture and clothes, smell and feel after an ozone treatment. Feel secure at home knowing you and your family are breathing clean fresh air. Ozone will also remove pet odours and cigarette and smoke smells. If you suspect you have a mould problem, call us now. - See more at:

Keywords: Air Purification, Mould Treatment



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