By: Manfred Luck  19-Dec-2010
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Posted by : Warrick Pleash Posted on : Thursday, February 12, 2009 09:49 PM Manfred and I have been working together consistently since May 2008 and over that time his expertise and assistance has enabled me to clear away many of the "clouds" in my conscious and unconscious that blocked the discovery of my full potential as a spiritual being. When you are ready to face the "Real Truth" of who you are and what you are capable of Manfred is your man. Warrick Pleash Feb 2009

- Warrick Pleash

Manfred Luck is well-equipped and highly articulate in piercing the layered veils of self-deception- which as anyone who has traversed the narrow trail of self-knowledge knows, is cunning, clever and relentless in covering it's own tracks. A companion both patient and fearless in his determination to arrive at the truth, no matter where it leads, Manfred is the man to call upon when you are ready to meet yourself in spite of yourself, and come home to the peace of who you have always been.

- Michael Stillwater

am happy beyond belief! Manfred has been extremely instrumental is assisting me with "going beyond my fears" and working thru past traumatic experiences and feelings. My entire life has changed....thanks to his EFT work, as well as Ho'oponopono exercises that he has taught me. Manfred's gentle manner and his passion for his work make him an unbelievable "Healer" and "Life Coach". I am a WHOLE person again....excited about living every minute to the fullest. My blocks and hinderances are gone....

- Barbara Kobishop

Keywords: Life Coaching