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By: Detoxhouse  24-Feb-2016
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As with anything in life, not all things are created equal and water is no different. There are many options when it comes to water and a lot of very savvy well marketed products to choose from. From tap water to bottled water, filtered water to spring water, reverse osmosis to restructured micro-clustered water, there are no shortage of options.

The optimal water for cellular hydration is simply water that is compatible in both size and shape to the actual cell as it allows for greater absorption and therefore increases quality hydration to the cell.

This makes properly filtered, alkaline water which has been restructured and micro clustered (to ensure cellular compatibility) the optimal water for maximum cellular hydration. Read more below about 'The Structure of our Cells & Water'.

What Water does the Body prefer?
-Filtered Clean Water (to remove toxins)
-Alkaline Water (pH 7.0 - 9.5pH)
-Ionised Water (energised through electrolysis)
-Micro-Clustered Water (5-6molecules vs 15-26)
-Structured Water (Hexagonal not Pentagonal)

To find out the structure of our cells and water, or even the Benefits of Restructured, Micro-Clustered Water, visit our website for more information: http://www.detoxhouse.com.au/hydrate-your-cells.html

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