GT Grease Trap Treatment

GT Grease Trap Treatment from Smellgone

By: Smellgone  08-Jan-2011
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Smellgone's grease trap additive is available as a liquid or powder.  GT Treat uses selected bacteria that  actually 'eat up' grease, fats and oils. Other additives only break up the fats, they don't digest them completely. GT Treat reduces odours and consumes fats,  oils and grease, reducing pumpout frequency.

GT Treat liquid can be added down the kitchen drain or directly to the grease trap.  A programmable dosing controller and pump is available for commercial installations. GT Treat powder is a concentrated additive that is manually added directly to the grease trap.

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It is also beneficial to add Odour Control Powder to the septic tank or primary compartment/tank of a treatment system, 2 litres of Powder is sufficient for upto a 5,000 litre tank. Odour Control Powder is excellent at helping establish an effective 'crust' in your septic tank or system.  In Ozzi Kleen or other activated sludge type systems, adding Odour Control Powder to the main tank will assist in building a good activated sludge.

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Odour Control Powder can be spread on heavily soiled aresa or sprinkled on areas that you do not have direct access to such as ceiling, wall or floor cavities.

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Environmentally friendly and contains organic ingredients and cultures to control smells without harsh chemicals.  Effective on all types of organic odours including pet urine and faeces, rubbish bins, drains, cooking and bathroom smells