Media Release - Flood Affected Businesses - Don't throw out your hard drives

By: Cryptexonline Qld  27-Jan-2011
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MEDIA RELEASE - 24th January 2011

“Don’t throw out your hard drive” advises Adam McGill, Director of data protection experts Cryptexonline.

In their haste to clean up within flood ravaged areas, businesses and individuals have been disposing of their computers, including hard drives that may still contain valuable data.

“A business’ most valuable but under-rated asset is its data.  In electronic trading systems, customer lists, pricing, employee details and business financials are examples of key data that are stored electronically.  The loss of this data can severely hamper a business’ ability to trade effectively” said Adam.

In a show of support for small and medium business, Cryptexonline provides a data guarantee for flood affected businesses – if they can’t retrieve data from damaged or water logged drives then the attempt is free.  Craig Wiltshire, also a Director of Cryptexonline, states “we were looking for a proactive way to relieve business stress during this terrible time and what better way than to help get them back trading as quickly as possible.  With the data guarantee, no business will be further disadvantaged if their data cannot be retrieved.”

At Cryptexonline, data protection has a dual focus.  Firstly, it is about knowing that your data is available should a data loss occur, and secondly, ensuring that your business is up and running as quickly as possible.  It is this philosophy that Cryptexonline will bring to businesses impacted by the floods.

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About Cryptexonline:

Cryptexonline focuses on data protection services and strategies for small to medium enterprises with value for money and administratively easy solutions that take the business risk out of data loss.

Cryptexonline believes preventative measures are significantly more reliable than post loss reconstruction.  Therefore our main focus is on those preventative measures.  These include any or all of:

1. a business data review to identify weaknesses and then a plan to correct or minimise those weaknesses

2. online backup which is an automated and encrypted system to get data immediately offsite

3. the ability to run your essential software on our servers via the internet in the event that your systems fail or are destroyed (cloud hosting)

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