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By: Advance Oral  30-Aug-2012
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We have state of an art denture Clinic where you are greeted with friendly smile. We offer a free consultation with the dental Prosthetist who will advice you on the best solution for your needs.Once you have decided on the type of denture you would like , we provide you with treatment plan with all item numbers and costings.

It normally takes 2-4 weeks for new set of dentures. All new or partial dentures receive a denture care pack which  includes a denture bath, denture brush and information.

We have an onsite laboratory so we are able to offer an express service for emergency cases.


·         Repairs While  U Wait

No appointment is necessary you can just turn up with your repair and we will have it done within an hour for you.

·         Same day Reline of Denture

As we age our gums recede and our denture starts to get loose. We offer a same day reline service where you come to the clinic in the morning and we need your denture for approx 5 hours and we will reline it and then it will fit better. we recommend relining your denture every 2 -5years.

We also offer a resilient lining in the lower denture . This is a soft lining that makes your lower denture more comfortable to wear.

·         New Dentures

We recommend a new set of dentures every 8-10 years. We aim to make your new dentures within 3 visits.  Why not talk to us about the customised dentures with gum tinting and clear palate.

·         Immediate Dentures

You may have some natural teeth that are beyond saving and need to be extracted. We can make you an immediate denture. Your immediate denture is completed prior to your extractions  and will be placed by the dentist at the extraction appointment so you will not be without teeth.

After extractions the gum heals into the socket region , this creates space under your denture and you will need to return to the clinic for further treatment. We will fully explain this to you at your initial consultation.

·         Partial Dentures ( Metal or Acrylic Dentures): A partial denture replaces one or several of your natural teeth. In some cases you may be able to keep most of your natural teeth and simply need to replace the missing ones. Partial dentures work really well to combine your new teeth with your natural teeth.

·         Valplast Dentures. When considering a removable partial, many people find the Valplast® Flexible Partial Dentures to be the most comfortable option, and the final product can be made very quickly. One of the highlights of a Valplast denture is that they are not retained by metal clasps so can provide an excellent aesthetic result.

·         Denture Naming & Professional Cleaning

Your name is put in an inconspicuous part of your denture and is added security for anyone in aged care.

We recommend that you only clean your dentures with soap or detergent  or denture paste. We do not recommend using toothpaste as it is too abrasive.  We recommend to keep your dentures looking good , that every 12 months like your natural teeth you have your dentures cleaned by a professional. This is done While U Wait.

·         Mouthguards

Our mouth guards are made from heavy duty, flexible vinyl or laminates. We can customise your mouth guard with colours, logos or letters you require. You can even protect your teeth further by a dual or triple laminate. Whichever your choice you can rest assured your teeth are well taken care of. We protect your teeth – you just need to focus on your performance.

Important to note – mouth guards are subject to rebates for eligible cases covered under Dental Health Funds. Contact your fund today to learn what rebate you may be eligible to.

·         Denture Additions

Have you recently lost or had a tooth extracted?

There is an easy and quick solution. An addition can be made to your existing partial dentures. This is often only a temporary measure. To ensure your partial dentures work effectively for you it is recommended you eventually have them redeveloped to include the new tooth. Additions are a great solution to see you looking and eating comfortably in no time at all. In most cases Additions can be completed on the day of treatment

·         Implant Retained Over Dentures

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