Painters Use Paint to Cut Energy Bills

Painters Use Paint to Cut Energy Bills from Greenpainters

By: Greenpainters  06-Jan-2011
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Consumers are being urged to use new heat-reflective coatings technology this summer to help cut carbon emissions. According to not-for-profit program GreenPainters, this technology should be considered as a way to to significantly increase building energy efficiency, and by cutting cooling costs.

‘Nano-ceramic paint technology is one of the most significant advances in the coatings industry’, says Daniel Wurm, GreenPainters Manager. ‘It means that we can cut cooling costs of a building by up to 40%, simply by helping the building reflect solar radiation before it causes heat build-up inside. This results in lower air-conditioning energy use, saving money and cutting carbon emissions.’

GreenPainters, a national program for sustainability in the painting industry has partnered with Astec Paints, a major Australian manufacturer of heat reflective coatings, to promote the new technology.

‘We chose to work with Astec because they are leading the industry in research and development of the technology, and they have a proven track record, here in Australia and overseas. We want to see Australia adopt this technology the way it has been used in Asia and the U.S.’

The coatings, which are applied to the exterior surfaces of a building, work by reflecting the infra-red wavelengths of solar radiation. According to GreenPainters, this property allows them to efficiently reflect heat regardless of the colour used.

‘Of course, lighter colours will always result in higher reflectance values, but these products also offer significant results when darker colours are used. Specifiers who want the best results should try to choose lighter colours to achieve the highest reflective efficiency’, says Daniel. ‘It’s also important to choose a manufacturer who meets all the other environmental considerations, such as manufacturing process and VOC levels.’

GreenPainters has helped developed a training course that educates painters to understand how the products work and the importance of using them. Check the web-site for more information


If you would like more information about this topic or you would like to arrange an interview, please contact Daniel Wurm on 0402 312234, or email

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