Private Music Lessons

By: Inspired Music  10-Jan-2013
Keywords: Music Education, Music Lessons, Music Tuition

This is by far, music lessons at its best. ‚Äč Over the past year, we've managed to perfect some of the ways we teach music. At Inspired Music, we want to provide a service that is comfortable and affordable for your family. That's why with us, we've adopted a 'teach from home' philosophy. We employ our teachers to work and teach from their own home in their area. This way, its much easier for you to find something close to you and also saves you extra travel costs as well. Our lessons have been called the most affordable music lessons taught, at just $25 dollars for thirty minutes, or $45 dollars for a whole hour! We've also found that teaching out of our own home makes it easier for you or your children to practice at home as they're learning in a home environment. We also adapt our lessons based on what you would like to know. For example, some guitar students want simply to play in their church, school, or band. So we approach their lessons with a plan that makes it easy, fun, and without the hassle of extra things to learn. Or, some students wish to learn how to play electric guitar, so we would approach their lessons differently, emphasising scales, methods of building speed, and accuracy. This way, you're getting what you've paid for by learning the things that you want to learn. If this is something you are interested in, we also offer a free, no obligation trial lesson where you can see for yourself, meet a teacher, and discover if this is something your looking for!

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