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Beef Jerky from Geronimo Jerky

By: Geronimo Jerky  25-Nov-2010
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Geronimo Jerky uses only the freshest and leanest cuts of locally sourced beef with our Big Chief's secret marinade, which we dehydrate in our Excalibur dehydrators. From there they are packed up and ready for sale.

  is the base of our entire Geronimo Jerky range. A wonderfully rich and rounded flavour, it's been made to be eaten any time and anywhere! Although we have found with a beer is best!
is an interesting little blend of dried spices that gives it an almost curry flavour and takes you to a place on the open plains where wild flowers bloom and buffalo roam.

is great to have at happy hour! With a wonderful bit of bite, it has a peppery taste to liven up all your tastebuds and lets them sing. It’s not too hot, it’s a bit dry and by goodness it’s a cracker of a flavour!

was invented after the big chief secretly searched out local chilli growers for a new taste to add to his secret marinade. He found one called the Chocolate Habanera. Sidewinder has wonderful fresh chilli taste, but without too much heat. So it’s not as hot as Blazin’ Saddle, but hotter than Spicy Shaman. It leaves a lovely zing all through your mouth, with a combination of fruity capsicum and peppery zest.

For those of you that like a little kick, step aside because will blow your pants off! To the Big Chiefs secret marinade he adds yet more secret ingredients. One of which is 2,000,000 scoville units (look it up!), it's not one to be played with! They say, "It's like sticking out your tongue and hitting it with a hammer".

Ever since we put Blazin’ Saddles out, people have asked for something that’s a bit hotter. So for those of you that asked, welcome . We intend this to be the hottest Beef Jerky in Australia. It will knock your socks off, but with retaining that wonderful Geronimo Jerky flavour. This flavour also comes with a warning to wash your hands after eating as the Big Chief will attest to after visiting the little boys room after eating one night! Ouch!


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