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By: Success Law PtyLtd  02-Mar-2011
Keywords: Strata Title Management, Community Title Schemes, Levy Recovery

Levy Recovery

The non-payment of body corporate levies places a financial burden on bodies corporate and diligent paying lot owners.  Success Law takes pride in its solid track record of recovering unpaid levies in a cost effective and timely manner.  Success Law’s levy recovery team takes a firm but fair approach when undertaking action to recover unpaid levies. The collective experience of the litigation team specialising in levy recovery matters spans over 30 years. This collective experience and wealth of knowledge places Success Law ahead of its competitors.

Success Law understands the nature and complexity of community living and the need to retain harmonious working relationships within the body corporate. In the event of a dispute, Success Law’s experienced legal team can assist in reaching a favourable and cost effective outcome.

Poorly managed or ill-conceived litigation can easily become disastrous, negatively impacting on commercial operations. At Success Law, we quickly evaluate legal issues and promptly advise on the best and most cost-effective legal strategy.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in advocacy and appear in all jurisdictions of the Queensland Courts. At Success Law we have a strong track record in the courtroom, founded on good preparation and a thorough knowledge of all Court procedures and rules.

Construction and building defects range from minor problems to major structural failures. With critical time limits applying to insurance policies and litigation generally, it is important to seek urgent legal advice as soon as any building defect is identified.

Success Law advises on all aspects of developer “off the plan” contracts and the titling arrangements for the establishment of a community titles scheme, in order to enable sustainability and to minimise the prospect of disputes which can potentially cripple a body corporate, both financially and in spirit.

It is vital that a Body Corporate has a community management statement that appropriately reflects the nature of the scheme. Success Law has extensive experience in drafting community management statements which contain relevant by-laws for all types of schemes.

Success Law provides advice to bodies corporate and the wider strata industry on all aspects of the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 and regulation modules. We assist bodies corporate in ensuring they comply with all relevant legal obligations in the administration and management of their scheme.

Management rights agreements are important legal documents and it is imperative for bodies corporate to obtain sound legal advice to ensure adequate protection. We advise on the entry into, variation of, and termination of these agreements.

Well drafted contracts are a primary mitigation tool for limiting the likelihood of future disputes and litigation. Whilst sound contractual drafting is the cornerstone of minimising the need for dispute resolution and litigation, at Success Law we provide a range of contract law services from drafting and compiling contracts to contract interpretation and advice work.

Keywords: Community Title Schemes, Levy Recovery, Strata Title Management,