No-More-Cravings QUIT SMOKING PROGRAM. Quitting Need NOT be as Traumatic as is Commonly Assumed.

No-More-Cravings QUIT SMOKING PROGRAM.  Quitting Need NOT be as Traumatic as is Commonly Assumed. from ANTRAC Acupuncture Clinic

By: ANTRAC Acupuncture Clinic  15-Mar-2011
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 Do It Yourself Quit Smoking Program

 1 – During 3 decades of research I have come across four readily available inexpensive supplements that greatly reduce cravings for very different biochemical reasons. There is substantial scientific evidence and testing for each one of these substances, but remarkably, nobody else is advising smokers about them, until me. Taking these 4 substances will greatly reduce your nicotine cravings, making quitting smoking much less traumatic than you ever thought possible.

 2 – I have determined that there are 13 different “triggers” that fire-up smokers’ cravings. They are all very different reasons why smokers continue to smoke. Most smokers do not even know what their personal “triggers” are. I have developed a questionnaire that asks 39 questions. The results of this personality survey reveal what the individual “triggers” for each smoker really are. Most smokers are surprised. But they are then very much enlightened, because once you know your enemy you know how to fight your addiction.

 3 – To make it easier than most smokers ever thought possible I have developed a Management Plan to manage each of the 13 “triggers”. How easy is that?

 4 – I discuss in detail the psychology of smoking and how the habit slowly takes over your life, until you feel helpless and paralysed without your next fix. I discuss the “fear of failure to quit”, which is the major reason why most smokers that want to quit continue to put-off starting to quit. Some pretty simplistic analogies empower you to take the bull by the horns and quit. They are truly life-illuminating light bulb experiences.

 All of this fun-reading enlightening information and much more is available to you in the 75-page eBook “No More Cravings Quit Smoking Program”.  

 ............. To find out more about the eBook and purchase a copy click the link below.

Keywords: Addiction, Counselling, Electroacupuncture, Life Coaching, Quit Smoking, Stop Smoking, Triggers

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