Enjoy Blue-Sky Freedom from Nicotine-Addiction

Enjoy Blue-Sky Freedom from Nicotine-Addiction from ANTRAC Acupuncture Clinic

By: ANTRAC Acupuncture Clinic  16-Mar-2011
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• So you feel like you've got a little war going on there each time you have tried to quit? 

• Imagine being able to taste food again so that tomatoes and lettuces actually have flavor. Imagine being able to sit through an entire movie or a plane flight without feeling like you will die and craving a cigarette to tame your cravings for nicotine. 

• Imagine not having to go through "Quitter's flu", the term used to describe the phase of smoking cessation because nicotine withdrawal symptoms often mimic a cold or a mild case of the flu. 

• Wouldn’t it be great not to have your mind playing tricks on you and trying to dominate your thoughts making it imperative that you light up? Think about not having mood swings and lack of concentration. Consider not feeling the emptiness, agitation, stress, self-pity, and the general crankiness and feeling of heaviness that usually goes hand in hand with quitting. 

• How would you like to quit without the nicotine withdrawal symptoms you get when craving a cigarette, you know the symptoms …. the insomnia, the tiredness and zapped feeling, the inability to concentrate, the headaches, the cough and sore throat, the constipation, sour stomach, gas and stomach pain, the dry mouth and the tightness in the chest, not to mention the shaking, sweating or feeling very cold. 

• Think about not having all of the pains. Some smokers get stomach cramps, sore gums, pains in chest... pains anywhere. Your mind and body are going through a healing crisis and they are going to remind you that you are missing nicotine. 

• Imagine not behaving like an infant …. the temper tantrums, the intense needs, the feelings of dependency, the state of near paralysis. Imagine not having the mental confusion, vagueness, irritability and anxiety, or that feeling of intense grief you get when you have lost a loved one. 

• Quitting need not be as traumatic as you may have imagined or you have in fact personally experienced in the past. 

• I have the solution to your problems. Let me help you quit more easily and less traumatically than you ever thought possible. 

Smoking 20 cigarettes / day costs $4,550 per year and 60 grams of toxic TAR will accumulate in your lungs / year.

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