Installation of wedding curtain lights made easy

Installation of wedding curtain lights made easy from DECORATIVE LIGHTING COMPANY QLD

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Wedding fairy light curtains are an easy d├ęcor option to hi light the bridal table.

Hung behind sheer organza fabric the lights defuse and soften and enhance the magic of the wedding celebration.

The LED lights today look like good old fashion bulbs and create a warm glow behind the fabric overlays.

Decorative lighting company supplies a free standing system to allow the light curtain and the fabric to be hung easily and safely.

The curtain light sections are 1.4 metres wide and you can add extra sections to make the light curtain wider.

A new item to the range is a fringe curtain section either 1 metre or 600mm in drop length and these can be skirted around the bridal table or cake table.

Decorative lighting company offers either hire or buy options and an installation service in some areas.

1.4 metre expandable curtain led fairy lights. Robust construction, easy to install.

Decorative lighting company present their range on our dedicated web site:
Call our friendly team on: 61 07 5575 50 70

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