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By: Dare to be Active Personal Training  09-Dec-2011

Written by David Gillespie, this book aims to explain in simple terms why sugar is such a disaster for us. As a father of 6 and 40kgs over weight he wanted to know the obvious – how and why he was fat. In this attempt to demystify the medical the medical jargon he is somewhat successful, however, even with my nutritional background I found the book a little hard going.

There is an amazing amount of bio chemical knowledge which explains in detail what happens to sugar in the digest process, however, I found myself having to keep reading back and para-phrasing in my own mind what exactly happens to you when you digest sugar.

The second part of the book is more hands on with specific rules for avoiding sugar and importantly what you can replace it with including a review of artificial sweeteners and sugar replacements such as Stevia.

All in all it’s an excellent read and well researched, but it fails to make it simple to understand, especially in regard to why fructose is such a disaster for the human body.

See my next post when I’ll give you some key points that I took away from the book

Sweet Poison – Why Sugar Makes Us Fat. David Gillespie. Penguin Books $32.99

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Our body produces insulin as part of the digestive process and this allows us to convert the glucose in the cells to energy, thus reducing glucose concentrations in the blood. When we eat the one or two recommended pieces of fruit per day, our liver and systems can manage that without the need to convert any extra fructose into fatty acids.