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By: Dare to be Active Personal Training  09-Dec-2011
Keywords: Fatty Acids

I’ll attempt to summarise the key facts from this book and plain language some of the bio chemical reactions to sugar in your body!

Quite simply excess fructose is stored as fat! So, where does fructose come from, and what’s it in – well fruit obviously, but it’s also found in other foods…. and worse, sugar is sometimes disguised under a myriad of names.

Sucrose (white sugar, brown sugar caster sugar)  - is fructose and glucose

Lactose (found in milk and dairy) – galactose and glucose

Malstose (found in beer) – glucose and glucose

Fructose – found in ripe fruits

Glucose is found in just about everything we eat, except meat (which is eventually digested into glucose)

Our body produces insulin as part of the digestive process and this allows us to convert the glucose in the cells to energy, thus reducing glucose concentrations in the blood. Importantly for a short time after eating insulin  triggers our brain to send a full signal, but once the insulin has left the blood the signal switches off.

When we overload on fructose our livers system simply can’t cope, it gets converted straight to fatty acids which run amok in our system.

When we eat the one or two recommended pieces of fruit per day, our liver and systems can manage that without the need to convert any extra fructose into fatty acids.

HOWEVER remember I said earlier that there was a lot of hidden sugar/fructose in our foods, this is wear it all starts to go wrong! If we eat a high fructose diet our body produces excess fatty acids and guess what turns then into body fat.

We are steadily increasing sometimes unknowingly our fructose consumption, including drinking more juices. But the biggest (pardon the pun) culprit is HFCS or high fructose corn syrup, a relatively low cost replacement for sugar. This is way fast food companies can super size all those soft drinks and still continue to make money. HFCS is now the primary sweetener for food in the USA. Fortunately for Australia, we’re still very good at supporting our sugar farmers!

Remember there is no such thing as a good sugar, honey contains 40% fructose! Raw sugar, organic sugar, natural sugar are all still sugar and contain fructose.

Ignore the fat is bad mantra, more often than not the fat is replaced by you guessed it sugar! Check the labelling next time you’re in the supermarket.

Check out Sweet Poison, it’s thought provoking read and all in all it gives you some useful tools and must do’s to take the fructose/sugar out of your diet.

Keywords: Fatty Acids

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There is an amazing amount of bio chemical knowledge which explains in detail what happens to sugar in the digest process, however, I found myself having to keep reading back and para-phrasing in my own mind what exactly happens to you when you digest sugar. All in all it’s an excellent read and well researched, but it fails to make it simple to understand, especially in regard to why fructose is such a disaster for the human body.