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By: Energy healing Centre  07-Jun-2016
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Electrical Basis of Meditation No one will ever achieve the surrender or non reactive state by listening to any enlightened person talking about this way of being. This state or energy level can only ever be achieved by taking the very same steps that the enlightened person needed to take! The following information is a detailed explanation on the electrical basis of meditation, which will help all serious spiritual aspirants to grasp a firm understanding of the purpose of meditation. Perhaps we may all consider why no one will ever escape the wheel of rebirth without Insight Meditation practice? Meditation is a demonstration of "energy follows thought". We begin with the observation during meditation practice that awareness increases current or energy flow. As you focus on a particular sensation during meditation practice then you will feel the current increase in flow strength with more expansive sensations associated with it.  OHM'S Law can be expressed with one equation, which is Current equals Voltage divided by Resistance. In Meditation we will make the assumption that the voltage of our Over soul or Higher Self is constant. Therefore it naturally follows with meditation practice increasing soul energy flow that resistance is decreasing! This is the whole purpose of insight meditation.  The point of interaction between the Over soul energy coming down and the degree of resistance in our being determines the level of awareness or degree of consciousness of the individual. As resistance dissolves with meditation practice then so too will the level of awareness increase! Another important consideration is the simple observation that as energy or current flow is increased; then so too is the magnetic field or aura around that current flow.  Therefore as the soul energy flow is progressively increased with continually practiced meditation then it also naturally follows that the auric field of the meditator will be progressively strengthened. The only hard part with meditation is to start because this is the point of maximum resistance. As you become more practiced or advanced with meditation practice then the whole process becomes easier and easier as your resistance is being progressively reduced. The stronger your aura then the easier it is to feel, which then enables you to develop the ability for continuous meditation. You may now realize that when you eventually dissolve all resistance in your being then you will come to the point of Enlightenment just as the Buddha taught many years ago. Enlightenment is the state of maximum current flow with no resistance.  Our choice in life is very simple, which is either to remain in the unconscious or default state and remain in the pattern of illusion with endless cycles of rebirth or walk the path of consciousness in order to escape the illusion. The fundamental difference between these two states of being has only one aspect and that is energy. This perception reveals that the only real difference between different members of humanity is the level of awareness or consciousness. Insight meditation simply explained is the process of consciously bringing down our own over soul energy to dissolve the resistance or crystallization of ego.

Keywords: Energy Healing, Personal Development, Spiritual Healing