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Healing/Crystal Bed What to expect during a Healing Session When a person receives Reiki they tend to feel very relaxed & at peace. Whilst I work with my Angels & guides during a Healing session, I am able to clear blockages & stagnant energy. This could be causing stress, negativity & creating a feeling of heaviness. Many have commented on my hands feeling like little Heaters, & a feeling of lightness. Reiki is known to reduce stress & bring back the balance, whilst aligning your chakra’s, Reiki can continue to be felt after the session. Reiki is continuing to be known as a great healing modality. After your Healing I discuss messages I have for you, & or feelings you may have felt. I also offer animal healing as part of my services. I also use the crystal bed, combined with Reiki. This can be used for meditation, stress reduction & to amplify the Reiki energy.The crystal bed has 46 crystals round the grid of the bed, this is proving to be quite benificial & becoming well known in Reiki & Meditation circles. 5 reasons to have Reiki R- Relax E- Energize I-Inner Peace K- Knowing I -Intuitive Blessings Suizy

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