Mukti Botanicals naturally organic skincare

Mukti Botanicals naturally organic skincare from Mukti Botanicals

By: Mukti Botanicals  12-Apr-2011
Keywords: Beauty Services, Beauty Treatment, Beauty Therapy


  • handcrafted products made fresh daily
  • products that feed and nurture the skin
  • labels that state all ingredients
  • love
  • truth and transparency
  • recycling
  • renewable resources
  • sustainability
  • buying back carbon emissions
  • social responsibility by assigning a portion of our profits to charities with which we are aligned
  • lies
  • negative speech and actions
  • harming others
  • nasties – petrochemicals, synthetics, fragrances, GMO’s
  • unrealistic, untruthful marketing claims
  • You are uniquely beautiful – compare yourself to no-one
  • You are here to enjoy this precious human life – make the most of it
  • Avoid wasting time comparing yourself to others and allowing your life to pass you by…
  • Lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle based on moderation
  • Honour your body – exercise and stretch daily
  • A little bit of sunshine is a great boost of vitamin D but it is best to avoid between the hours of 10am – 3pm
  • Save your skin from early wrinkles or, worse, cancer…wear a hat and long sleeved shirt and make friends with a tree
  • Drink at least 2 litres of pure water per day, it hydrates the brain and the skin
  • Eat mainly organic fresh fruit and vegetables and avoid processed, refined foods and hydrogenated fats
  • Breathe slowly and deeply – remember only the present moment exists
  • Be happy! Think pleasant thoughts and smile often
  • How you choose to live your life and really feel is revealed by your face and complexion
  • Our formulations are based on modern scientific knowledge combined with traditional recipes.
  • Specialised packaging – due to the inclusion of effective active ingredients and minimal natural preservation Mukti Botanicals facial care products are packaged in airless serum pump dispensers to protect them from light, air and to ensure maximum hygiene.
  • Our ingredients are 100% plant based to provide the best nature has to offer.
  • Our product range has a comprehensive ingredient listing that discloses all ingredients. All the products have been formulated to be safe enough to ingest.
  • We use optimal concentrations of pure essential therapeutic grade oils, certified organic herbal extracts, essential fatty acids, natural vitamins and plant based liposome’s and antioxidants that all significantly contribute to moisture retention, oxygenation and cell regeneration.
  • Our products are made in small batches ensuring quality and freshness. As we use natural ingredients there may be a slight variation in the colour and consistency, we ensure that this does not affect the quality and efficacy of the products in any way.
  • Extensive market research and consumer trials have produced outstanding results, with testimonials from many satisfied consumers and consistent repeat purchasing.
  • Certified Organic
  • Minimal processing
  • Non GMO
  • Skin compatibility and affinity and not inhibit the respiration process
  • Potent and active when applied to the skin
  • Non-toxic and safe enough to ingest
  • Beneficial to ones overall health
  • Naturally extracted

All the Mukti facial care products are packaged in airless pump dispensers which assist with prolonging the product shelf-life.

  • Oxidation is minimised as no air comes into contact with the products.
  • External contamination is limited as bacteria and microbial contamination from the hands is removed.
  • Non-transparent packaging protects the products from the UV rays.
  • Airless technology allows you to use every last drop of the product. Lids on airless serum pump dispensers are made from PCR (post consumer recyclable) material.
  • Organic Certification guarantees that all products are packaged in recyclable packaging. Allowable types of plastic include: PP, PET, PE, HDPE, and LDPE.
  • Our brochures are printed using waterless printing technology which is the most environmentally friendly printing process available.
  • Paper and cardboard are FSC certified which means they come from renewable forestry and are recyclable.

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