By: In-Motion Chiropractic  30-Sep-2016
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Here at In-Motion Chiropractic we take a multi-disciplinary approach to your health care, by combining Chiropractic, Massage and Physiotherapy under the one roof. By combining these specialized services we provide safe and effective care for the young and old and everyone in between. No more shopping around for the care that best suits your problem – it is all here under the one roof and the different practitioners work together for your benefit. Chiropractic is an approach to health and wellbeing that centres round the body’s own natural ability to function and heal itself. Chiropractors focus on the relationship between the structure and function of the spine and the nervous system. To maintain this healthy relationship interference to the nervous system needs to be removed. This is achieved through specific chiropractic adjustments, gentle exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Physiotherapy at In-Motion delivers a functional training program by our core stability physiotherapist. Optimal functional control maximises the working relationship between the nervous system and muscular systems. Physiotherapy uses a variety of techniques to help your muscles and joints work to their full potential. If you improve your functional abilities (posture, strength, flexibility and co-ordination), then it will provide a better support system to help maintain your spinal adjustments during daily activities. An exercise program will be personalised and designed specifically to achieve your health goals. Massage therapy can help to improve muscle function and body alignment by releasing physical tension. Reducing chemical, mental and emotional stress on your nervous system is crucial. Massage therapy has been shown to detoxify and relax the body, providing you with an optimal environment to function and heal. Ultimately by integrating these three health care approaches you can provide your body with the best environment to create the healthiest version of you. At In-Motion Chiropractic we continually strive to exceed service and care expectations of those we serve. We serve our clients with the utmost respect, providing evidence-based, cost effective and accessible care options individualised for healing, quality of life or maximum sports performance.

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