Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Service

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Service from Pawsome Pet Services

By: Pawsome Pet Services  10-Mar-2016

Group dog exercise is ideal for high energy dogs, social dogs, and dogs that need a mid-day jaunt while their owners are away at work. Group adventures are the best way to exercise dogs and provide both canine and human companionship and socialisation. Having a ‘dog tired’ pooch leads to less unwanted behaviour from boredom or pent up energy. This one is a no-brainer. Regular exercise is highly recommended to maintain a healthy mind and body. Exercise is good for us all – young or old. It provides many health benefits that include keeping your pet healthy, agile, and limber. Daily in-home pet visits Away from home for a length of time? Pawsome’s in-home pet visits are designed to give pet owners piece of mind knowing that their furry, feathery or slippery family members are safe and maintaining their regular, comfortable routine at home. We promise your family pets will receive plenty of love, attention and treatment expected of a professional caregiver – just like you would at home. Pet visits are for any type of pet (dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, fish, birds etc) - if your pet runs, hops, swims or flies - Pawsome are here to help. Our in-home pet visits include feeding, watering, dog walking, pet waste removal, administration of pet medication (if required), and most enjoyably giving oodles of attention, play time, cuddles and tummy rubs! Pawsome also provides complimentary home security checks and maintenance services such as watering plants and lawn, switching on/off lights, collecting mail and newspapers, opening and closing curtains/blinds to deter potential burglars. Visits can be provided any time of day, from early morning to early evening. Our in-home visits last a minimum of 15 minutes - for dogs this can include an additional 20 minute private walk around the neighbourhood or joining a fun group dog walk. We will always endeavour to meet any specific requirements you or your pet may have. You’re in safe hands with Pawsome, who have plenty of experience with all types of pets and animal care.

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