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By: Narelle Stratford  09-Dec-2011
Keywords: Time Management, Disc Profile

Corporate Coaching and Training

Many people wonder what value there can possibly be in Coaching. What will it do for them, what outcomes will they get, how long they would be coached for?

Sessions are structured to achieve your goals and may be 30 mins to 1 hr in length and vary from fortnightly to monthly. Usually coaching occurs over the long term and is in place for 12 months.

Sales Champions is the business coaching sister to Live Life 2 The Max!

So glad we decided to take on (coaching) with Sales Champions, it has provided us with fantastic tips and tools to increase our productivity and time management.It is always very tough to complete on time the lessons and to make the phone calls but extremely worthwhile.We all think we know how to do it and have good ideas of what we should be doing! Narelle has nurtured us in such a way that we DO implement what is needed to be done, if we had not paid the money and taken on the course we would still be procrastinating and probably not have implemented much at all. Besides why re-invent the wheel when you are provided with a wheel which is perfectly balanced and will carry you through to your goals……that’s if you believe in yourself? If you don’t then you need to speak with Narelle & Dennis!  Linda Rawson, Re/Max

Corporate Training is available in the following areas:

DiSC Behavioural Profile

2 day profiling and training on understanding yourself and others. Using this information and practising these skills can help prevent conflict, resolve conflict, improve Team Building and increase the effectiveness of communication between all members of your team. Each participant will need to be profiled prior to the training.

Persuasive Selling

This 2 day training incorporates DiSC profile information, persuasive language patterns and rapport skills. Completion of this training will enhance staff communication with each other, improve customer relationships and increase sales.

Time Management

This 1/2 day session will provide comprehensive insights and strategies for getting the most out of your day, each and every day, by breaking your Time Management into 12 measurable sections.

Providing Supervision and Feedback

This 1 day training provides Managers and Supervisors with the skills to address inter-employee conflict, to provide feedback in an appropriate manner, and expect positive communication from your team.

DiSC Behavioural Profile

  • DiSC 1.0 is a basic profile, that provides an understanding of the different types, and profiles you at the same time.
  • DiSC 2.0 is a slightly more detailed profile, that will help you better understand yourself and others.
  • DiSC General Characteristics and Sales Profileis an indepth profile that provides excellent information on understanding and managing yourself, particularly in relation to a sales role. Includes:
  1. Management style
  2. Sales and selling style
  3. Behavioural Areas to improve
  4. How to improve the work environment for maximum results

On receipt of your payment, you will be sent the link for online completion of your DiSC profile.

Keywords: Disc Profile, Time Management

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DiSC Behavioural profiles | Psychologist, Clinical Hypnotist, NLP & Timeline

DiSC General Characteristics and Sales Profile is an indepth profile that provides excellent information on understanding and managing yourself, particularly in relation to a sales role or management of others. If you are a Manager, wouldn’t you like to know the behavioural characteristics of your staff, so that you can adapt and modify your approach, to get the best results for everyone.