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By: C.J. Jass Pty Ltd  28-Apr-2011
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With the ever changing world we live in we need to work together in protection the future of the planet and our energy sources.  With political policies coming into place Energy Efficiency is becoming a larger factor in our day to day business and lifestyle.

We understand that  we must all work together to achieve the goals and target that are set to reduce our energy usage weather this be government ,Corporations, large  business, small business   our set by the individual homeowner.

As we all know the government has a number of energy efficiency programs running, ranging from solar power down to the replacement light bulbs. We would like to increase your awareness about another system that can be used to reduce you cooling and refrigeration power consummation.

Two of the largest energy consuming products are Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. These can attribute a large portion of you power bill. As with all machinery and equipment, energy savings and cost saving can be achieved by these being kept well maintained. Our  system of cleaning and coating  your equipment  will allow the equipment to run more efficiently and help reduce  maintenance and will reflect in an overall saving on your power bill.

Our System

Our system is very simple yet more effective then changing a light bulb. ( Picture 20lightbulb)

Everybody keeps the inside of there house fridge regular cleaned. What about the motors and fins at the rear of the fridge. Everybody cleans there air conditioner filters but do they clean the internal workings and the external motors of the air conditioner.

Our unique energy saving system will show you real saving by reducing the cooling and refrigeration units running cost. This is normally a minimum of 10% saving just off the power bill for these items. These figures can be proven with a wireless meter system that we can install before we clean , showing your energy consumption. We clean and coat you system and then monitor it for a few days afterwards showing your saving.

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How Does Our System Work

Well most refrigeration and cooling systems run on this principal  a condenser which hold the gas and in turn makes the fins of the system cold and then a fan movers the air around.

The system is easy.  We have a very unique cleaning chemically that is applied to the cooling system.  This cleaner will breakdown and remove all the contaminates that are on the cooling systems.  The systems is then washed  and after drying our Coating is applied

Our coating is antistatic and hydrophilic. What does this mean well basically nothing will stick to the surface and all contaminates will wash away with water.

Clean It + Coat It

It’s That Simple

Benefits To you

Energy Reduction

The most amount of energy is consumed when the cooling system switches to the defrost cycle .It is using more energy to heat up the fins which in turn melt the ice, then it has to cool back down to the set  temperature. Naturally, if your equipment is cooling and then having to heat (defrost) constantly, it will be consuming more energy. The cycle can occur more often if the system is not clean, using more energy and high running cost.

Our System helps reduce and or eliminate your equipment from constantly going in to defrost cycle

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