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By: Sun Ray QLD Pty Ltd  29-Mar-2012
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Sun Ray's solar water heaters have a few distinct advantages such as MARINE GRADE STAINLESS STEEL, TWIN PIPES SYSTEM (TM) technology, BLACK MASTER SYSTEM(TM), but what does it mean exactly? Quality Sun Ray systems are all built in a search for quality. The reliability of it has been validated and approved by independent testing labs and different quality and process certifiers around the world. Indeed Sun Ray creates check tests for each stage of the making of the systems and thus offers a guarantee for quality. We use the strongest, most efficient material to build our systems (the material originates from France, Germany, Australia, Europe ...), and to install them. This is the reason why we can give 10 years warranty as standard on all our products: tanks, panels and labour on tanks and panels. Marine Grade Stainless Steel All Sun Ray water tanks are made of long life marine grade stainless steel. Stainless steel acts as a natural barrier to corrosion. Marine grade stainless steel in used in marine environment and is more resistant than household stainless steels. This is the reason why Sun Ray’s stainless steel solar hot water systems do not require a sacrificial anode and are virtually maintenance free. Stainless steel also means that the outside of the tank will also be more resistant to corrosion. A lot of NON Sun Ray solar water heaters’ tanks are made from mild steel with vitreous glass lining which exposes them faster to corrosion once the anode has been mostly consumed. Mild steel cylinders can also corrode from the outside as well as from the inside. Because of the superior qualities of the Sun Ray’s stainless steel solar water heaters, your systems will last for a very long time. Twin Pipes System (TM) Technology Sun Ray has developed the Twin Pipes System. It drastically improves the performance of hot water systems. It works directly on the internal water circulation in the thermosiphon, so as to make the squeezing of the cold water (used to fill panels) happen at the bottom of the tank and the squeezing of the hot water happen at the top of the tank. That way it create less water turbulences and optimizes the hot water capacity of the tank. Black Master (TM) System The Black Master System integrated in the solar panels is a specific coating which offers a better water stratification and a higher absorption of the heat due to the solar radiations, which ends up providing the customer with more water for the same storage capacity. It thus provides the solar water heater with a higher efficiency. Tanks colors The tanks come in 7 different Colourbond(TM) colors: Dune, Surfmist, Pale Eucalypt, Deap Ocean, Headland and Night Sky, Silver. Other Advantages We provide an Aluminium Cyclone Roof frame which sits 10mm above your Roof allowing rain run off, wind diversion and stops leaf build up. Installations are done by our teams. Because we are sure that Sun Ray's solar water heaters are built strong and efficient, we give a 10 year warranty on tanks and panels (See our warranty conditions for details). Call Sun Ray for a free quote.

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