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By: Declutter & Organize It Professional Organiser Brisbane  08-Jun-2011
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Is your wardrobe full, but you have nothing to wear? For both men & women! Take a look at some tips on organising your winter wardrobe!

This is the time to sort and rotate your wardrobe!


1.      Start by having a clear bed and pulling all of your hanging clothes out of your wardrobe and putting them on your bed.

2.      Then one by one ask yourself:

   §  Does it fit?

   §  Do I wear it?

   §  Is it stained or ripped beyond repair?

   §  Is it worth repairing?

   §  Does it need a wash?

3. Place them in the appropriate bags

   §  Wash

   §  Donate/Sell

   §  Mend

   §  Rubbish

4. Sort into summer and winter. Store off season clothes in a suitable area like the spare wardrobe in another room or stackable clear containers with cedar balls to keep the vermin out, or a space bag that you can shrink down and keep moths & silverfish out.

5. Write a list of everything you have stored so you know where to find it.

6. With what’s left start with the top of the body and hang your tops, shirts or blouses from light to dark and from strappy to short sleeve to long sleeve in each colour range. Then do the same with your skirt and/or trousers and finish with dresses and/or long coats.

7. Hang your hangers backwards so when you wear an item you turn the hanger around so that at the end of 3 or 6 months you take all the hangers that haven’t been turned around as they haven’t been worn, and either donate or sell them.

8. Rotate and repeat this process for summer and winter.

9. If there is a gap of something important in your wardrobe, then go shopping and fill the gap in your wardrobe!

This saves you time and money as you don't waste time searching for what to wear or money buying things you already have or don't need.

Happy Sorting!!

If you require assistance in setting up a wardrobe with colour style & flair then be sure to contact me for my "Organise Your Wardrobe Services" 0403 435 685 Call Donna

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