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By: Austek Asphalt Services Pty Ltd  13-Jul-2013
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Bitumen Spray Sealing is the most common road surface used in Australia. It is a flexible pavement product that can also be used as a surface treatment in numerous situations including: • Rural driveways • Rural roads and properties • Urban & residential streets • Highways • Sub-divisions • Car parks • BMX tracks A bitumen seal is formed by the spraying of a bitumen binder and covering with a layer of aggregate. A seal may contain more than one application of binder and / or aggregate. A pavement is resealed as part of a periodic maintenance program when the condition of the existing surface requires the application of new bitumen binder and aggregate to restore one or more of the functions of the original seal. This provides a new surface on which vehicles run and re-water proofs the pavement. Is a combination of a spray coat of hot bitumen binder to waterproof the area, followed by an even spread of aggregates. The final finish of a spray seal is from fine to coarse – depending on aggregate size selected. There are many different ways to carry out a btumen seal with a multitude of bitumen types, spray rates, aggregate sizes and so on. A seal must be designed for your specific site considerign the type of base, traffic, life expectancy just to name a few key points. A bitumen spray seal can be done as either single coat seal ( single/ single) or a Two coat seal ( double / double). A spray seal finish is only as good as the prepared base, as it will follow all depressions in the unsealed pavement. A tight, sound surface, formed to the desired shape is required prior to applying the seal as it will perfectly mirror any imperfection in the base preparation. In some situations where the pavement is not to standard and there is a risk of damage to the prepared pavement surface a dry matt of aggregate followed by a heavy application for bitumen and a top coat of aggregate is applied to achieve the same result as a two coat, without damage to the underlying surface. Dry matt should be used in low stress areas only. A bitumen spray seal treatment is specifically designed following the Austroads Seal Design Method, which, amongst other parameters, is based on seal aggregate size, design traffic loads and volumes, and the underlying surface texture. The lower the traffic volume and the greater the aggregate size, the greater the bitumen application rate required to hold the aggregate. Advantages of using Bitumen Spray Sealing • Cheaper alternative to asphalt • More durable than gravel • Suitable for most sites • Fast and economical to lay • Can substantially extend the life of an existing surface • Won’t wash away in heavy rain • Easily repaired (if necessary) • Low general maintenance • Choice of colours • Increase visual appeal and add value to your property If at a later date you need a pipe replacing or you wish to add on your existing area, we can match the area with the same product, without unsightly seams or marks (unlike concrete which shows the repair).

Keywords: Asphalt Services, Bitumen, Bitumen Spray Sealing

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