Operating System Reload

Operating System Reload from Virus Busters

By: Virus Busters  28-Oct-2010
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Would you like to format your hard drive and have your operating system reinstalled? Or perhaps you would like to upgrade to Windows 7 and start from a clean new hard drive.?

At Virus Busters we will backup all your data at the beginning so nothing is lost. When all the programs have been installed and an image made of the hard drive we will then put all your data back into the right folders.

Hard Drive Upgrade -
Would like a bigger and faster hard drive but not sure what to do, let us help you sort out your trouble by transfering all critical programs over without missing a beat.

Virus Attacked Computer -
Sometimes there are very nasty virii that even the best programmers cant get rid of, they normally attack the hard drive right at the start. If we are unable to remove the virus it works out far less time to format and start again.

Advantages of formatting hard drive -
By formatting your hard drive and starting again you give your computer a new lease on life. Installing only the programs necessary to run and not all that clutter that has accumulated over time. The computer will naturally run faster. Cleaning out the hard drive allows for all the programs to go back in a sequential order, giving faster access to the data with less hard drive defragmentation

Disadvantages of formatting hard drive -
There will be some local settings to adjust and some programs that you may need to install. Example: printer drivers, camera software, phone software etc etc.

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