By: Next Level Wellness   24-Aug-2016
Keywords: Back Pain, Anxiety, Pregnancy

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. The true purpose of the Reiki method is to correct the heart-mind connection, allowing you to keep the body fit, and lead a happy life. Studies have shown by using Reiki it can reduce stress, anxiety, pain and many other ailments. Reiki flows through an unhealthy area in the body, it breaks up and clears any negative thoughts or feelings lodged in the unconscious mind/body, allowing a normal healthy flow of Ki to resume. The unhealthy physical organs and tissues then become properly nourished with Ki and begin functioning in a balanced healthy way, replacing illness with health. Reiki has an intelligence of its own flowing where it is needed in the client and creating the healing conditions necessary for the individuals needs. It cannot be guided by the mind, therefore it is not limited by the experience or ability of the practitioner. Reiki always creates a healing effect that can never be misused. It is accessed by the practitioner during a treatment using a hands on process and enhances the body’s natural healing ability, while also balancing your health on a physical, mental and emotional level. Reiki helps: * Ease muscle tension and pain * Decrease stress hormones/anxiety * Improved immune indicators * Decreased heart rate and improved blood pressure * Improve sleep * and more

Keywords: Alternative Medicine, Anxiety, Back Pain, Bring The Body Back Into Balance, Immunity, Muscle Tension, Natural Therapy, Pain, Pregnancy, Relaxation, Stress Reduction,

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