Hyperton-X Sports Kinesiology

By: Next Level Wellness   24-Aug-2016
Keywords: Back Pain, Training, Pregnancy

Hyperton-X is a form of Sports Kinesiology used to release hypertonic muscles. A Hypertonic Muscle Release is simple and yet one of the most powerful tools you can have done, to correct imbalanced muscles in your body. The results are profound and often have an immediate effect on mental and physical performance! A hypertonic muscle is in an over-protective state, causing pain and restricted movement, as a way for the body to protect itself from further damage. Hypertonic muscles cause - * Pain * Weakness * Restricted range of movement * Tight muscles * Lack of coordination * Fatigue quickly when running or reading * Mental confusion * Poor memory, comprehension and concentration * Learning difficulties * Low reading, writing and mathematical skills Benefits of having Hyperton-X Muscle Release – * Releases muscle tension and pain * Strengthens weak and painful muscles * Reduces chance of injury & aids in recovery * Increases flexibility * Improves mental and physical performance * Gain power & strength for all ages * Releases restricted muscles that effect posture & movement * Improves coordination * Increases circulation * Increases the supply of nutrients to the brain * Helps relieve emotional stress * Assists with learning difficulties * Reduces allergies/food sensitivities * Enhances communication with endocrine systems * Assists with preparing for pregnancy/child birth * Promotes whole brain integration and a sense of completeness and wellness

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