Glass and Metal Surface Potection

By: ClearShield Glass Protection Technology  08-Jan-2011
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We, Thor and Michelle Weedon, run a business which coats all forms of glass with a non stick surface property which creates a low cost way of keeping glass cleaner and maintains the clarity of the glass looking like new for years longer and also reduces the use of harsh chemicals and water by using our environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Just as unprotected metal rusts unprotected glass corrodes. Moisture and contaminants such as atmospheric pollution, construction materials, metal oxides and lime scale from hard water deposits attack the surface of unprotected glass, reducing visibility and ruining its appearance.
ClearShield is a polymeric resin that when applied to ordinary glass, chemically cross-links with the glass surface and itself and forms a strong, multi-molecular bond which creates

Chemically Inert, Easy-to-Clean Glass surface.
This unique polymeric resin provides years of proven protection

This means that:-
• Less dirt and other contaminants stick to the glass surface including Graffiti, Bacteria, Dirt, Grim and all construction Material including (Concrete Splatter). 
• When contaminants attack the glass surface they no longer chemically react with it and are much easier to remove
• The absence of dirt and other contaminants prevents staining and discoloration and keeps the glass looking newer longer.

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