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“Yolanda is amazing & delightful. Our Kinesiology sessions together have been so enlightening, soothing & have enabled some very big shifts. I'm absolutely thrilled. She is gentle, caring and truly gifted."
Danielle, Forest Lake

"Jennifer has been amazing at treating torn tendons on my shoulder without operation. Patience is the answer of course with the marvelous Bowen Therapy treatment."

"For the past 34 years I have had a medical condition called Essential Tremor, a neurological disorder characterised by shaking...which in turn causes tiredness, weakness and pain. I have tried many doctors...and alternate therapies...but then I tried Nina & her Toyohari Acupuncture & there has been definite improvements. I am walking better, my back pain is better and my hand writing is improving... Thank you Nina".
Marie, Goodna

"I wish to thank you for your magnificent effort in getting me ready for my recent month long trek through the Himalayas. I am still amazed at the transformation in me and continue with daily stretching exercises after every training session. Thank you Jade. I wouldn't have been able to achieve my goal without your help".
Andy, Westlake

"Andrea is a most proficient therapist. I have had several treatments and in my time of lots of treatments, she is the BEST".
Pam, Sinnamon Park

"My Bowen Therapy sessions with Jennifer have been remarkable! I no longer have to go to physio for my neck and my bladder problem has improved so much I no longer have to go to places where there’s a toilet within 50 metres. I have my life back and I love it! Thanks Jennifer!”

“Oh my goodness, today is the last visit and I almost forgot what pain I was in on my first. Not being able to breathe from back pain: my life day to day is quite amazing. Treatment has also made myself make some great changes to lifestyle and diet; just what I needed. Thank you sooo much.”
Kim, Westlake

“Thanks Jade. Best massage I’ve had in a long time.”
Tonya, Jamboree Heights

“We first visited Nina in October 2007 and she has done 8 treatments of her specialty acupuncture, ‘Toya Hari’… This outcome is a god-send, as my son’s condition saw him leave karate lessons, after achieving a brown belt. Driving lessons were a no-no also. At this very moment he is taking his fourth driving lesson and hoping to resume karate this year.”
Jacqui, Ellen Grove

“My doctor has told me a couple of times that I surprise him because my cancer count is like a roller coaster ride. I am convinced that the acupuncture has prolonged my life.”
Anna, Middle Park

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