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By: Ipswich Resumes & Applications  07-Feb-2015
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Job Search is a Fulltime Job ‘Take control of future career options.’ Unemployment often means more than losing your job. You may experience emotional and financial stress as a result of it. Worse, unemployment may influence relationships with family and friends. The longer unemployment lasts, the greater the stress may become. Ask anyone who has recently lost a job if he/she plans to remain unemployed for a long time and most will answer, "OF COURSE NOT!" Ask if he/she is seriously looking for another job and most will answer, "CERTAINLY!" Although a multitude of new job openings occur each month, many job hunters find themselves unable to reconnect quickly. They are qualified and jobs are available. What's the problem? Those less than apparent reasons that hinder reemployment have little to do with either the job hunter's skills or the labour market. Most are a result of the job hunter's behaviours. Consider: At least 40% turn off prospective employers by presenting themselves poorly in appearance and manners. Approximately 42% are qualified but have difficulty tapping the "hidden job market." This is formally known as Frictional Unemployment. More than 80% cannot identify or describe their skills and abilities. Approximately 85% of long term unemployed people do not spend enough time looking for a job. In fact, the majority devote fewer than five hours a week to the job search. Approximately 90% cannot answer difficult questions during interviews. We all know that very few people deliberately sabotage their own efforts. Avoiding job search pitfalls is often a simple matter of recognizing them. Now that you know the problems of those who remain unemployed, make sure you don't fall victim to the same mistakes. Aim to be the best job seeker you can be by receiving training in this subject. Once a career meant staying in a job, or at least the same industry for life. For many Australians now a ‘career’ means a series of jobs with each move an improvement of some kind. Or, on a more pessimistic note, people are forced to move to a different career field due to redundancy or injuries. This means that Job Search Skills training is not just something that school leavers find helpful However, job search is not easy. It can be the hardest job of all and take up just as much time as employment. Many people feel lost and discouraged by the whole process. And to make things worse, you have no or limited experience in this kind of ‘work’ This is where Grace du Prie can assist. Why not educate yourself in job search skills? Grace du Prie can provide ideas for a self-improvement program and can tailor it to your needs and abilities. These learning programs can be presented on a one-to-one basis or in a group setting.

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