Speech and Language Pathology

By: Cassandra's Cubby  22-Apr-2014
Keywords: Child Care Centre, Occupational Therapy, Health Education

* Speech • Articulation - Speech Sounds & speech difficulties • Fluency - Stuttering, stammering • Voice - husky voice/vocal nodules * Language • Late Talkers - language stimulation • Language delays & disorders - Expressive & Receptive • School age language difficulties • Pragmatic language & Social Skills * Literacy • School Readiness & Phonemic Awareness • Literacy & Learning Difficulties – reading, writing & spelling * Feeding & Oromotor • Feeding difficulties • Fussy eaters & restricted diets • Difficulty coordinating movements of the mouth required for feeding • Dribbling • Tongue thrust * Other • Developmental Delay & Disabilities • Autism Spectrum Disorder • Auditory processing weaknesses

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